Wedding Planning Advice

Tip #1 - Never skimp on your bridal bouquet!

The Bridal Bouquet

Never skimp on your bridal bouquet. It is the one design that will be in 80% of your photos hanging on your walls, in Mom and Dad's house, in your office, in your in-laws house or on your social media for the next 60 years.

It is by far the bride's ultimate accessory, so we hope you choose something you really love! Remember this is your day, not your bridesmaids day, so if you need to tighten your budget, you can make theirs a bit more simpler and therefore a little less expensive.

The bridal bouquet is one of the oldest traditions, dating back to Roman Times when they were known as symbols of new beginnings, fidelity and love. However, in modern times, brides will choose their bouquets based on color, style and fragrance. The bride's bouquet is now an expression of her personal style, taste and personality.

As florists, we try to make sure your bouquet is the #1 priority!

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