Wedding Planning Advice

Tip #2 - Know your budget!

Money Saving Tips on Wedding Floral

When picking a florist, you want to go in with a budget in mind - flowers can add up pretty quickly! This is especially true if you have 5 or more bridesmaids, along with 15-25 tables.

One way to save money on your flowers is to reuse them in other areas of your wedding. For instance, the bridesmaid bouquets can we reused either to the head table, gift or escort table, the bar or a memorial table. After the pictures are all taken, the bouquets usually get tossed on the table anyways. Certain ceremony flowers can also be moved into the reception area.

Another way to save on your budget is to buy your own containers, candles for votives. A few things to remember so labor costs don't get in the way: you will need to wash all containers before hand and remove any stickers or price tags. If you make your florist do all of the above labor, it can add up quickly.

Another money saver is to rent. You can rent containers, vessels, compotes, pedestals and more.

However, the one person who can help you the most with your budget when it comes to flowers is your florist. Between the different prices on flowers, design scale and labor, we can help you understand the different price points and what might be driving the cost.

If you're planning a wedding, we'd love to be your florist. Contact us to get started.