Wedding Planning Advice

Tip #5 - Be flexible

Go With the Flow

As a florist, we are brought up against so many uncontrollable obstacles on occasion. So many factors go into the beautiful flowers you see on your wedding day (season, weather, location) and this makes it very hard for us to make any guarantees about what will be available and in good condition.

We always ask our brides and grooms to let us know their favorite flowers, colors and style they are going for. This allows us to make our best effort to get you the flowers you want, but if something does go wrong, we can use our expertise to find a substitution to fit the overall look of the design we initially discussed.

Flowers are a natural, fresh and perishable product that can be so unpredictable, so we do not always guarantee we will have a specific flower during a specific time of year. We tend to base our proposals off color and style and if we can work that favorite flower into your big designs we will ALWAYS try our best to make that happen.

We want your florals to be perfect for your special day!

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