Wedding Planning Advice

Tip #4 - Knowing is half the battle!

Know Your Flower Seasons

Just like fruits and vegetables, flowers have specific seasons when they're at their best.

For instance, if you are absolutely in love with peonies, don't get married in late July, August, September or November. Peonies have a short picking season (May, June and early July) and they start to come back around in late November (or if we are lucky, in December and January) but the prices are high.

Knowing is half the battle.

You can go online and google "Flower Seasons", but you should still always double check with your florist. There are so many flowers that are grown all year-round like hydrangeas, roses, calla lilies, orchids, stock and many different fillers. If your favorite flower isn't in season during the month you saved to wed, substitute a flower for another that looks like the flower you love.

One of my favorites is the Garden Rose! It's gorgeous with many layers and textures like a peony. You might also look up options for a non-traditional design for your wedding. Succulents, plants, trees or other options that are outside the norm are always exciting. You can also use fruit and vegetables. The sky's the limit! (As long as we are in the correct growing season for that time of year of course!)

Go online to do a little research to see what is available during that time of year and let your florist help guide you to where you want to go.

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