Wedding Planning Advice

Tip #3 - Move us closer to the top!

Make Flowers a Priority

I know florists are close to the end of the vendor check-off list for a variety of wedding magazines and web pages. However, I have to say that 80% of my brides wished that they met with me before they decided many of their other details.

We start every bride and groom off with a wedding worksheet. This gives us background information on our clients, the venue and what they are envisioning for their big day. After we gather their information and start to get their wheels turning on ideas they never even thought of, we start to create a stunning proposal with pricing, descriptions and images for them to be able to envision their dream coming true from start to finish.

With all of this information, they realize we just checked off so many other boxes!

If you have a vision and flowers is a big part of it, you might want to move us closer to the top. We can help save you a lot of time in your planning!

If you're planning a wedding, we'd love to be your florist. Contact us to get started.