Prom Corsages and Boutonnieres

Make Prom night special with custom designed corsages and boutonnieres from Farmhouse Floral by Estabrook's

Prom is a magical day that high school girls have been dreaming about since Freshman Year. Much like a wedding day, prom is all about the girl and making sure she has the perfect dress, hair and makeup.

It's no surprise the boys dread the task of picking out the corsage.

We can help you pair the right flowers with the right color dress.

Simply give Ashley a call at 207-400-0512 to order by phone or walk in between the hours of 11am to 4pm at our Yarmouth location (337 East Main Street) to order your custom corsage or boutonniere.

What is a Corsage and Boutonniere?


A prom corsage is a small flower arrangement that typically adorns a girl's wrist and is bought and given to her by her prom date. Flowers and accessories usually match or accent the girl's prom dress.

A boutonniere is the floral design worn by guys on their left jacket lapel or pocket. The boutonniere is bought for the guy by his date and often matches the colors and style of his date's corsage.

Their History

The term "corsage" is French and originally referred to the bodice of a dress. The reason the flowers worn to adorn formal attire are now called corsages is because women once wore flowers pinned to the bodices of their dresses. These flowers were known as the "bouquet de corsage," and over time this phrase was shortened to just "corsage."

In ancient times, flowers were often worn to special events to ward off evil spirits. Herbs and flowers were thought to be effective at keeping evil at bay, particularly during weddings or other momentous occasions. Special participants wore corsages to keep themselves safe. Men, too, wore flowers for many of the same reasons. A single flower, called a boutonniere, which translates to "little buttonhole," would be worn on suit jackets to prevent disease and ward off evil spirits. During the 16th and 17th centuries, boutonnieres and corsages may have been worn every day, but over time the practice was reserved only for formal occasions.

Modern Usage


Eventually, the meaning of the corsage shifted. As fewer people were worried about evil spirits and more effective methods of fending off illness were discovered, corsages became a luxury item during courting. A gentleman would offer his date a corsage as a gift for attending a special event, such as a dance. The boy would show respect to his date's parents by offering a bouquet of flowers and would usually pin a flower from the bouquet to the date's dress. In this sense, corsages symbolized attachment to another person. Corsages were also given to show affection and love on holidays. Some women were given corsages on Mother's Day, Easter or even on their birthdays.

A corsage can single out a person from others and indicate that she is experiencing a special event worthy of remembrance. Corsages are frequently pressed and preserved after the special occasions to serve as mementos.

Don't wait to the last minute to order your Prom corsage or boutonniere!

Plus, remember to pick up the flower the day of Prom and keep it refrigerated until it is time to give to your date - that way the flower will be fresh and beautiful.

Have a wonderful time during this special day!